Hollow Earth: Art, Caves and the Subterranean Imaginary

Review: Nottingham Contemporary 24 September to 22 January 2022 ArtMonthly     Nottingham is known as the ‘City of Caves’; the hilly urban sprawl is deeply nestled into its subterranean topology. Cave entrances are visible from roadsides and buildings are cradled by rockfaces. The sandstone bedrock – easily excavated by hand, hardening once exposed – […]

The Troglobite Womb

Catalogue essay for Wild Stone at The Poor house Reading Rooms/Royal College of Art   The life of a region depends ultimately on its geologic substratum for this sets up a chain reaction which passes, determining their character, in turn through its streams and wells, its vegetation and the animal life that feeds on this, […]

Translating Kishio Suga: Things. Situations. Unfoldings.

Sophie J Williamson in conversation with Andrew Maerkle Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Watch online [here] From 1972 to 1981, artist Kishio Suga published a series of fragmentary statements in the exhibition listings section of Japanese art journal Bijutsu Techō. Not quite poems, and certainly not explanations of the exhibited work (most of which was realized later […]

Emii Alrai: Approaching the Scar

The Hepworth Wakefield and Iniva | July 2022   A key part of Emii Alrai’s research and work on her Future Collect commission A Core of Scar has been exploring landscapes across the United Kingdom, having travelled from the very north of Scotland to Land’s End on the Cornish coast. For Emii’s second study day […]

WORKSHOP | Stone Network | Anna Bierler And Marit Mihklepp

CLOUD Danslab, The Hague | March 2022   Stone Network is a knot of gatherings initiated by Anna Bierler and Marit Mihklepp. They begin weaving the network with a week-long residency-ritual – from March 8-12 – to connect the voices and bodies of the geologic and the human, as well as focus on modes of writing and reading as […]