Emii Alrai: Approaching the Scar

The Hepworth Wakefield and Iniva | July 2022   A key part of Emii Alrai’s research and work on her Future Collect commission A Core of Scar has been exploring landscapes across the United Kingdom, having travelled from the very north of Scotland to Land’s End on the Cornish coast. For Emii’s second study day […]

WORKSHOP | Stone Network | Anna Bierler And Marit Mihklepp

CLOUD Danslab, The Hague | March 2022   Stone Network is a knot of gatherings initiated by Anna Bierler and Marit Mihklepp. They begin weaving the network with a week-long residency-ritual – from March 8-12 – to connect the voices and bodies of the geologic and the human, as well as focus on modes of writing and reading as […]


Previous Next Exhibition essay for Nika Neelova, Carolina Caycedo and Rachael Champion at Brighton CCA [PDF here]   A constellation of works by Nika Neelova, Carolina Caycedo and Rachael Champion, Silt weaves together a fabric of movements and transformations of landscapes, materials and beings, as nature’s course grates up against human disruption. Silt is a […]

Podcast Lunch: Nika Neelova and Sophie J Williamson

Brighton CCA | August 2020 Listen as artist Nika Neelova and curator Sophie J Williamson share their research in common ahead of Silt – Nika Neelova’s upcoming exhibition at Brighton CCA. This special edition Podcast Lunch provides a fascinating insight into Nika Neelova’s practice and expands on her use of research and material through Sophie J Williamson’s […]

TALK: Now Is The Time Of Monsters

James Prapaithong

Royal College of Art, London | June 2022 In 2013 Žižek tweeted “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” A loose paraphrasing of Antonio Francesco Gramsci, translated into English via a French mistranslation of the original Italian. Both the quote itself and its […]

TALK: SILT, Nika Neelova: in conversation

  CCA Brighton | October 2021 Nika Neelova and writer and curator Sophie J Williamson in conversation. Discussing the exhibition and their shared interests in geological time, materiality and they resonance across cultures. https://brightoncca.art/event/nika-neelova-in-conversation/

Digesting Deep Time

University of Stavanger, Université de Liège and University of Cambridge. 2022

Considering Monoculture

M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven) and deBuren (Brussels). February 2020.