Sophie J Williamson



The Future Eaters

In early March, in the early days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I received an anonymous letter, signed by its authors with single initials,


  In N K Jemisin’s dystopian trilogy Broken Earth, 2015–17, precarious societies struggle to survive amongst regular apocalyptic cycles and periodic extinctions. Having previously plundered the

On Silence

The interchange between the Overground and Victoria line at Highbury and Islington station in London during rush hour has been a fascination and daily joy

On Cultural Translation

In an era when identity politics is being co-opted into wider nationalist agendas and diversity increasingly embroiled in ethnic division and separatism, how have artists

Naama Tsabar: Transitions | Review

Paramo Gallery, Guadalajara | 29 January – 19 March 2016   ‘More than colors and forms, it is sounds and their arrangements that fashion societies,’

Profile: Gail Pickering

On entering Gail Pickering’s exhibition ‘Mirror Speech’ at the Baltic, visitors are bathed in an immersive red light, bouncing off the walls of a vast

Letter from Rotterdam

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 0″]Amsterdam must be one of the world’s most-loved cities; lured by its charming cobbled streets, historic canals and charismatic wonky houses.

Letter from Sweden

Henna-Riikka Halonen, Eden, The Pow(d)er of Fear at Lilith Performance Studio [one_half padding=”0 20px 0 0″]Starting out my Swedish escapade in a disappointingly bleak Copenhagen,

The Art Project

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 0″]In the past few decades the ‘art project’ – in response to short-term funding objectives – has become the standard means

The Mosireen Collective

Born out of the revolution, the non-profit media collective, Mosireen, have captured a multitude of extraordinary insights into the political atmosphere in Egypt through their

Towards Molecular Curating

In January 2012, Nigeria broke into nationwide civil resistance against the government’s elimination of oil subsidies – regarded by many of the country’s disadvantaged citizens

The Artist as Cynic

In Greek philosophy, the scandalous Cynics eschewed conventional desires in favour of a simple life, practising parrhesia, the act of speaking freely, even if this